Account Number

This is the number used by Synergy North to identify each customer and the service address that the account is held for. Use this number when you pay your bill or call us with a question.

You should not provide this number to outside sales people unless you intend to enter into a contract with them.

Service Class

We classify customers based on residential or various levels of businesses based on the expected electricity demand they have.

Bill Date

This is the date that your bill was issued. The usage period is found on the second page.

Amount Due

This tells you the amount that needs to be paid. It is the amount you currently owe.
If you have a credit, it will state “Credit Balance”.

Due Date

To avoid late fees Synergy North must receive your payment on or before this date.

Your Electricity Charges

This is the cost of electricity supplied to you during the billing period and is part of the bill that is subject to competition by electricity retailers.

Rates are set and Regulated by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB and are reviewed twice each year – once in May and once in November. For customers on Time-of-Use pricing, electricity consumption (kWh) is separated into three rates: on-peak (highest price), mid-peak (mid price) and off-peak (lowest price).


These are the costs of delivering electricity from generating stations to your home or business.

These include the Monthly Fixed Charge, Distribution Charge, Line Loss Adjustment and Retail Transmission Charges for Network & Connection. 

More information is available in the definitions found on the right side of the "Electricity Rates" pages of our website.

Regulatory Charges

These are the costs of the Independent Market Operator administering the wholesale electricity system and maintaining the reliability of the provincial grid. This charge varies based on the amount of electricity you use.

Visit The Independent Market Operator at for more information.

Debt Retirement Charge


When the Harmonized Sales Tax was implemented in Ontario, both federal GST and provincial PST were applied to home power and heating.

8% Provincial Rebate

The Government of Ontario introduced the Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER) in 2016. The OER provides eligible customers with a rebate on their electricity bill. For more information, please visit:

Consumption History

This graph helps you compare your energy use for past billing periods.

Please note that monthly billing was introduced in 2016 and bills prior to that date were for a ~2 month billing period.

The left side of the graph represents the most recent usage.

Message Area

This area will feature information from the Provincial government or mandated by the regulator.

Electricity Usage

These numbers are the readings from your meter.  Synergy North uses them to calculate your bill.  The usage period and resulting number of days may vary between bills.

Payments / Credits

This is the amount you were charged on your last bill and the amount that we have received in payment since your last bill.

Any amount still owing will be added to your current balance.

Conservation Message

This area will feature information that can help you save money on your electricity bill.